4Rs Tips for 04.16.2023 – How to Support the Planet this Earth Day

This Earth Day special edition of the 4Rs is all about actions you can take. Try some out and keep going throughout the year. The planet needs our support 365 days a year, not just one.

There are Earth Heros around the world and in our communities. Seeing all they do can make us often feel like we need a lot of extra time to support the fight against climate change. NOT TRUE. 

With little or no time…

You Can Support the Fight Against Climate Change

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

How to Help Mother Earth – Every Action Makes a Difference

First, learn how to use your superpowers. Get educated on what needs to be done and match it with what you are good at.

    Second, get educated on actions you can take in your home and everyday life. Not all climate activism means more commitments in your busy schedule.

    Third, find quick and easy steps that will support a better climate, like these actions that take little or no time out of your day.

    • The Climate Action Now (CAN) app is available on Apple or Google Play. I do this while I walk my dog every morning. It usually takes me about 5 minutes.
      • Complete a few actions in the app each day and they plant trees. 
      • Become a member and they plant more trees. 
      • Through actions and memberships, they’ve planted nearly 130,000 trees since they started on Earth Day in 2021.
    • Be a healthier shopper. Eating whole foods is not only healthier for you but also for the planet.
      • Less processing = less carbon emissions and better health for you and Mother Earth.
      • Whole foods can often be purchased in bulk and with zero packaging.
        • Get reusable mesh bags for bulk food and produce shopping. Carry these with your reusable shopping bags and never use another plastic bag.
    • Pay attention to how much trash and recycling you produce in your home.
      • Look at each item and challenge yourself to eliminate it. Like paper towels and plastic wraps – both have reusable alternatives available.
    • Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
    • Dropps is a company I recently learned about that makes zero-waste, planet-friendly cleaning products.

    Why It’s Important

    “While to many the climate debate may seem remote from daily life, the small decisions that we all can make—how much water we use, the products we buy, how we vote—are personal and possible. And they become easier the more we are aware of the consequences.”  EcoWatch

    Watch the Film4Climate short film winner called, Three Seconds. It’s 4 minutes of screen time you’ll never regret.

    Take Action

    There are plenty of actions above that won’t take a lot of effort to get started doing today. Remember, we individuals have a lot of power, especially when taking action together.

    With Much Gratitude

    That’s it for this issue. Remember, I’ve moved to posting bi-weekly so see you in two weeks. 

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    Thank you for reading these tips and subscribing. Pat yourself on the back for doing your part. Remember, everything helps.

    We’ve got this!

    All my best,

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