4Rs Tip for 07.29.2022 – Our Energy Transition Needs Your Support

It’s amazing to me that we have everything we need to make the transition to 100% renewable energy right now. We have the tech. We have the resources. We have the people, some who need the jobs the transition will create. 

The only thing getting in our way is corporate influence and our governments. 

“Oh, that’s all,” your sarcasm clear, “We can definitely beat them!”

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Our energy use is no joke, and it’s continuing to grow. The US is the fifth highest country in energy consumption. Yet a little over 20% of it was sourced from renewables in 2020.

Photo by Vivint Solar on Pexels.com

Be the Change – Vote Local and March

We need to be tougher and smarter. I’m going to turn to an old cliche and say, this is the typical David and Goliath battle. So far, the results of this fight are inspiring.

  • Earlier this year in California, a bill was almost pushed through to tax rooftop solar. It would have cut energy savings for owners of solar panels by 57 – 71%
    • The expense to switch would be too great. Fewer people would add panels to their homes if incentives went away.
    • California citizens got wind of it in time to kick up a fuss. Many of us signed petitions and sent emails. People marched at the capital building in protest. The bill was tabled. Yay!

This is one fight in a vast number of battles that need our support. We can’t let our guard down. 

  • Corporate interests and lobbyists sneak into local governments and push through laws that can prevent us from making the transition off fossil fuels. 

It is no longer something we can leave to the next person. It’s going to take more than some of us. This is going to take all of us. 

It’s time we all start fighting the fight. Make it a habit to take steps every day that support our transition.

  • Find a good source and stay informed about government and corporate actions that can negatively impact the environment.
    • In my state, I discovered the organization California Environmental Voters. This is how I learned about the proposed tax on solar and signed petitions to stop it.
  • Use tools that will help you fight for the climate.
    • Get the Climate Action Now app to send regular emails to your government representatives in minutes. Get it on the Apple or Google Play store.
      • I spend less than 15 minutes each morning sending pre-set messages to elected officials, companies, and environmental organizations. I customized them with my personal message once and the app remembered and inserts it into the template with each send. Brilliant! 
        • I bet my state reps are getting sick of hearing from me.
        • They should be sick of hearing from you, too. 
  • Find local actions or groups you can get involved with that are pushing governments and companies to do the right thing. To be environmentally responsible.
  • Make sure you know who your state and federal representatives are and get online to find out what they support. 
    • Call your reps or send them emails to let them know you are against continuing our reliance on fossil fuels. After all, they work for you!
  • Get your money out of the hands of banks and companies that invest it in fossil fuels.
    • We need to get better at paying attention to where our money goes. Not just how we spend it in stores or online, but where we invest it and keep it, too.

We can not let corporate greed for profits today destroy the chances of the human race living beyond a few more generations. The science is clear that this is the current path we are on. We can no longer afford to sit back and let it happen. 

Do a little something, anything, each day to help save the planet and get others to join you. Share with your family and neighbors this post and the good resources you find. With the natural disasters increasing I bet they have some interest in preventing climate change.

Why It’s Important – Our Voices Need To Be Stronger Than Their Money

While it’s sad we have to fight our elected officials to act on our behalf, I’m happy to play David in this battle against Goliath to protect our planet. Are you?

With Much Gratitude

That’s it for this issue. Remember, I now post bi-weekly so see you in two weeks. 

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We’ve got this!


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