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Why This Blog

The 4Rs tips will give actionable steps you can take to Reduce waste, Reuse materials, and Rethink how you RecycleClick here for the latest post.

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If the recycling of plastics we’ve been doing for decades had worked, all the packaging we buy today would be made from recycled materials. It’s not.

Less than 9% has ever been recycled.

Pointing fingers at businesses or individuals for why recycling hasn’t worked isn’t the solution. We need to work together to move forward. We need to minimize our waste and support better infrastructure so the waste we do generate doesn’t end up in landfills, oceans, or incinerators.

What You Will Learn and How It Works

Your time is precious, but so is our planet. Most tips will be simple changes you can make around things you already do and build better habits doing them.

If we all make little changes we can make a big difference for our planet.

Every other Friday I post new Tips on a specific subject related to sustainability. Not all tips will be easy to adapt. Don’t worry. We all have different lives. Keep reading posts and incorporate what is doable for you.

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With Much Gratitude

I hope you learn from these posts. Please drop me a line anytime if you have questions or comments. Your input is always appreciated. 

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