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This Week’s Tip for February 4, 2022 – How to Buy Sustainable Chocolates for Your Sweetie

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During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day Americans buy nearly 60 million pounds of chocolate. This is great for the chocolate companies, but not so great for humanity and the planet.

The majority of cocoa used to make chocolate comes from West Africa and Brazil. In West Africa alone, it is estimated that over 2 Million children work on cocoa farms. Cocoa farming practices are not known for being sustainable. Fortunately, there are companies working to change this and offer sweets that don’t come at such a high cost to humanity and the life of our planet.

Sustainable Chocolate Makers

Here are some fair trade and sustainable chocolate brands available online and in stores.

Alter Eco Foods – fair trade sourcing of cocoa from small farm co-ops 

Beyond Good – sources direct from organic cocoa farmers and focuses on preventing animal extinctions caused by poor cocoa farming practice through agroforestry. 

Dapaah – a family run business in Ghana sourcing directly from the organic cocoa trade

Divine Chocolate – directly partners with cocoa farmers. 

Endangered Species Chocolate – works on protecting biodiversity and endangered species their cocoa is fully traceable – they track the impact of their cocoa on humans and animals

Equal Exchange – organic and fair trade products available online at their store or Thrive Market, and at Target and Walmart

Loving Earth – this Australian chocolate maker sources organic and fair trade cocoa. Available online at their store or Woolworths, and Whole Foods

Phillip Ashley Chocolates – focuses on organically and seasonally grown sustainable cocoa

Theo Chocolate – organic and fair trade chocolates, also available at Whole Foods or Sprouts Market.

*Note: I do not get paid to promote any product sites. I only share what I have found to be good sustainable brands. If I do get sponsors, I’ll let you know 🙂

You may wonder how fair labor and fair trade relate to sustainability. There are a number of reasons for this that I will address in a future blog on fair trade and why it’s important.

With Much Gratitude

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