All About Jen

Jen has a background in marketing and sustainability and provides freelance writing for an international market.

She has been volunteering and leading green teams for a number of years and continues working on this passion as a freelance writer.

Jen loves to write children’s stories and has been making them up around campfires for years. She also writes sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and heartwarming stories.

Jen started writing poetry at a young age and eventually began writing fiction. She has two novels in the works, a fantasy adventure set in another world called HydroGuard and a dystopian LGBTQ+ romance trilogy. She has also written a number of short stories and has started working on her memoir. There will never be one particular genre aligned with Jen Thilman (the “h” is silent btw) since she gets inspiration from so many people and places, not just nature.

Please consider supporting her freelance and sustainability efforts.

Jen and Teddy Bear live in Fresno, CA (USA)

Jen Thilman

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